Harvard Scientist Hints He Has Found Evidence Of Alien Life


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Harvard University astrophysicist Avi Loeb said Monday that materials he recovered from the ocean floor may be proof of alien life.

Loeb and a team of researchers recently recovered pieces of a crashed meteor (meteorite) from the ocean floor off Papua New Guinea. While the pieces are almost definitely (99%) from outside our solar system, Loeb is currently conducting the necessary research to determine whether they’re also pieces of a “technological gadget.”

“What we are doing now is analyzing the composition of the molten droplets that fell off this object when it was exposed to the fireball that it created as it moved through the air,” Loeb told Fox News. “And we are getting some interesting results, but I cannot detail them until we’ve put them together in a paper, scientific paper that we hope to make publicly available to everyone within a month or so.”

The object moved through our immediate cosmos at an alarming speed, and was tougher than most known rocks and other materials on Earth. If the rock does prove to be remnants of alien tech, Loeb believes humanity will be surprised. (RELATED: ‘Influx’ Of People Reporting UFOs Since Congressional Hearing, Navy Pilot Claims)

“It would mean that we have a neighbor, that we’re not alone. Just like realizing that when you go out to your backyard and you find a tennis ball that was thrown by a neighbor, you realize, ‘yes, I do have a neighbor,'” he continued.

You can watch his full interview here: