‘They Might Be Looking For Me’: Nurse Helps Hide Man’s Car After He Shows Up At Her House With Gunshot Wound


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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The nurse helped a man with a gunshot wound Monday by hiding his SUV in the garage of her Spring, Texas, home, according to a report.

Carlesha Roberts, a nurse at a VA hospital, saw the victim’s vehicle speed down her street, so she approached the vehicle and told the driver to slow down before learning he had been shot, according to ABC 13 Houston. “He stopped me and said, ‘Ma’am, I have been shot. Can you help me?” Roberts said. “When I looked, I saw blood. I told him, ‘Get yourself out of the vehicle and I am going to get something to put a tourniquet on your leg.’” (RELATED: Man Shoots And Kills Eight-Year-Old Riding Scooter Because The Child Was Too Loud, Witnesses Say)

Although he was shot several streets away from Roberts’ residence, the victim managed to drive himself to Morgan Park Lane. He told Roberts that the shooter might be looking for him as she treated his leg wound, prompting the nurse to hide his SUV.

“I heard him tell cops that it sounded like it was, he said he met them on Instagram and was selling a cellphone. So, it sounded like it went bad, but it was 6 something in the morning,” Roberts said after overhearing the victim’s conversation with Harris County deputies.

The suspect was described as a black man dressed in black clothing, according to Harris County police. He reportedly fled the scene on foot.

“I am really nervous because it happened in our neighborhood. And that was the scariest thing, is that I am here with my daughters. But, I am hoping they figure out who did it,” Roberts said.

A Mini Cooper containing a toddler sped into a 15-foot-deep bayou after engaging in a recent Houston police chase. The child survived, and the suspect faces charges of felony evading and child endangerment.

Earlier in 2023, a Houston resident blasted the police department after his wife picked up a speeding ticket for driving just two miles per hour over the speed limit.

“My biggest concern is this is just a misuse of the resources and taxpayer money not going to the right place. Crime is skyrocketing in Houston,” Omar Sharif said.