California Sheriff’s Video Shows Burglars Using Forklift To Try To Steal ATM, Failing Miserably


Kate Hirzel Contributor
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A video captured failed burglars attempting to use a forklift Wednesday to steal an ATM machine from a California credit union, according to Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO).

Two individuals attempted an ATM machine heist at approximately 6:15 a.m. at a Safe Credit Union, SCSO wrote in a tweet. One suspect operated a forklift, while the other was at the wheel of a white pickup truck. The goal was to dislodge the ATM machine from its secured position and then load it onto the truck’s bed.

The suspect operating the forklift managed to knock the ATM machine off its platform, and load pickup truck’s bed, SCSO continued. A car is seen driving by the robbers in the video but continuing to drive by. (RELATED: REPORT: Suspect In Different Disguises Repeatedly Fails To Rob Store, Only Manages To Break Door)

Due to poor positioning in the truck’s bed, however the ATM unexpectedly fell onto the road, SCSO wrote. The sudden appearance of the ATM machine on the road then caused an unrelated traffic accident.

Both suspects quickly fled the scene. Their identities and whereabouts remain unknown at this time. Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the incident and seeking any information that could lead to the identification and apprehension of the two individuals involved. 

“Tips leading to an arrest are eligible for a CASH reward up to $1000 and tipsters remain anonymous,” SCSO wrote. “Tips are paid in cash and you are never asked for identification.”

An excavator was used recently to try to steal an ATM in Detroit, but the robbers were also unsuccessful.