‘What Kind Of Person Does This?’: Laura Ingraham Slams Biden’s ‘Disturbing’ Statements To Gold Star Families

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham slammed President Joe Biden Tuesday for his repeated lies regarding the death of his eldest son, Beau, particularly while speaking to Gold Star families.

Joe “Beau” Biden III, died of brain cancer while hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda in 2015. In 2018, Biden attributed the cause of his son’s brain cancer to his military service in Iraq citing the burning waste pits at installations there not only played not only a “significant role” in his son’s cancer diagnosis but countless other veterans who served in the region.

Ingraham pointed out that over the years Biden seemed to have used his personal loss to score political points, as he commonly brought up the loss of his son at political events. The manner of Beau’s death, however, changed, with Biden repeatedly stating that Beau had been lost “in Iraq.” (RELATED: Dem Rep Invokes Biden’s Dead Son To Downplay Alleged Business Calls With Hunter)

“What kind of person does this?” Ingraham asked her audience. “Beau died of cancer, not in Iraq. This is common knowledge.”

While lying about the way in which his son passed is “disturbing,” Ingraham argued, it was even more disturbing for the president to “lie” about it while speaking with Gold Star families.

Cheryl Rex, whose son Marine Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola was killed during the withdraw of Afghanistan, gave “heart-breaking” testimony at a forum for Gold Start families Monday in which she recalled Biden telling her that he knew how she felt as he had brought his own son home in a flag-draped coffin. “My heart started beating faster and I started shaking, knowing that their son died from cancer and they were able to be by his side,” Rex stated.

Ingraham further pointed an interaction Biden purportedly had with Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews who lost an arm during that same withdrawal. After reportedly making him and his family wait four hours, Vargas-Andrews claims Biden approached him and not only attempted to shake his right hand that was no longer there, but immediately began talking about his own son. “He leans over me and he is like this close to my face and he is like ‘what do you want?’ I’m like confused. I just got blown up, I just saw my friends die next to me. I just want to be myself,” Vargas-Andrews stated.

In addition to slamming Biden, Ingraham slammed the legacy media for allowing Biden to continue spouting lies about his son’s death, arguing that former President Donald Trump was never given as much grace.