FIU Football Unveils New Jerseys And They’re Easily The Greatest Of All Time

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @FIUFootball]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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To me, these are a must-have.

Florida International University (FIU) Football unveiled some absolutely beautiful new uniforms that they’ll be wearing for a game this season. And I’m serious, man. These things are stunningly gorgeous.

The Golden Panthers football program took to their official Twitter account Wednesday with a hype video teasing the instantly legendary “Miami Vice” jerseys, and I cannot stress this enough … they’re absolutely glorious.

Inspired by the classic “Miami Vice” theme, the unis have a black base with pink lettering and some light blue detail. Written in hot pink on the black helmets is the area code “305,” with a blue panther head in place of the “0.” On the shoulder pads, the jerseys have three pink palm trees. Just so epic.

FIU will be wearing this outright swag Oct. 11 when they face off against UTEP, nationally televised on ESPN2.


Y’all know how much I love Miami, so y’all know I’m all over these. I mean, dang.

I went to FIU’s store to see if they had these bad boys for sale, but nope, they didn’t have anything, which scares me. With FIU being such a small school and not having that big of a team shop, I fear that they won’t make these Vice jerseys available to purchase — at least to the public.

I hope I’m wrong though, because man, imagine the massive profit the university could make off these. (RELATED: College Football Fans Are Clamoring For The Debut Of 455-Pound Brione Ramsey-Brooks)

You have a sale right here, FIU.