‘The Question Was About Business’: John Kirby, Martha MacCallum Spar Over Biden’s Alleged Involvement With Hunter

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News’ Martha MacCallum sparred with National Security Council spokesman John Kirby over President Joe Biden’s apparent refusal to answer questions on his alleged involvement with his son’s foreign business dealings.

Fox’s Peter Doocy confronted Biden face-to-face Wednesday over testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business associate Devon Archer, who testified Biden spoke with Hunter “more than 20 times about their business deals.”

Biden and the White House have denied the president’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, with the president telling Doocy, “I never talked business with anybody.”

MacCallum raised the interaction to Kirby.

“One last question,” she said. “I know you saw Peter Doocy’s question to the president yesterday. The president said, ‘I never talked business to anybody,’ but Devon Archer testified that the point of putting the phone, the speakerphone, down at those meetings, which is what Peter was asking about, was just to demonstrate access — that Hunter had access to the then-vice president, and to sell the Biden brand. What do you say about that, John? And when will the president actually answer some of these questions to put some of this to rest himself?” (RELATED: ‘Let Me Finish!’: All Hell Breaks Loose On ‘Fox & Friends’ When One Host Downplays Biden’s Bribery Allegations) 

“Oh, my goodness, Martha, I mean, he just did with Peter,” Kirby said. “He’s the one who called Peter over and had Peter risk life and limb cutting across the barrier. I mean, he specifically called Peter over. He knows Peter, he knows Peter’s not gonna some softball question about, you know, how his vacation was. He knows who Peter is, and he answered that question. I don’t know what it’s going to take –”

“But he didn’t, he didn’t answer whether or not he was on speakerphone in those meetings, John. He just said, ‘I never talked business to anybody.'”

“The question was about business,” Kirby defended. “He answered it consistently with what he’s said so many times before. He’s been very consistent that he wasn’t talking business.

“But the question is, was he allowing his presence on speakerphone to speak volumes? Was he allowing that presence to say, ‘This is my son, he has access to me,’ while he’s talking to Ukrainian businessmen, Chinese businessmen, Russian businessmen after the invasion of Crimea, as Katie Pavlich has pointed out?” MacCallum pressed.

“I just don’t know how many times he’s gonna have to say no to the same question,” Kirby said. “He’s been consistent about this, there were no discussions about business with his son or his son’s business partners. Again, he called Peter over, and I’m not saying he knew that that was the question, but he certainly knew it wasn’t gonna be a softball, and he answered it.”

“Everybody likes the opportunity to ask questions to the president, and I know Peter said he appreciated having that opportunity,” MacCallum concluded.