‘Safety Hazard’: Woman Slaps Target Employee With The ‘Racist’ Label After Her ‘Flash Mob’ Creates Chaos In Store

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — Baby Storme]

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Give me a break, man.

Critics are slamming a failed pop star after she called a Target employee “racist” for calling the police on her “flash mob” for outright disrupting a place of business by filming a dance video.

Internet personality Baby Storme posted videos on both YouTube and X Twitter, titled “Racist Target Employee Calls The Police On Us For Dancing.”Baby Storme and several other people dressed in goth costumes began dancing to her hit, “This City Is A Graveyard,” as they walked through a Target in an unknown location.

While the women were dancing to the song, a Target employee was spotted in the video blocking the view of their camera in an attempt to end the fiasco.

“We’re gonna have to call the cops on you guys,” the employee said, while another worker told them to stop because they were creating a “safety hazard.” This led to the women crying foul.


So fellas, is it racist to want to shop at Target in peace?

Of course it’s not. In fact, wanting to be left alone while you spend 40% of your check on a one-stop consumerism trip is the most American thing. Quite frankly, I hate when I’m in the grocery store, minding my business scouting the latest re-stock and what 24-pack I want to buy in place of Bud Light, and a rap video just breaks out in the middle of me spending $400 on my family and a measly $20 on myself.

Here’s the actual footage of that happening, by the way:

If you can’t tell from my obvious sarcasm, I can’t help but to troll this entire situation and debate. (RELATED: Banished ‘Big Brother’ House Guest Luke Valentine Breaks Silence After N-Word Scandal)

Straight up clown world, ladies and gentlemen.