Banished ‘Big Brother’ House Guest Luke Valentine Breaks Silence After N-Word Scandal

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Getting kicked out of the “Big Brother” house doesn’t seem to be phasing Luke.

Luke Valentine — a house guest on season 25 of CBS reality show “Big Brother” — has broken his silence after being kicked off the show for using the N-word, and the vibe that he’s putting out is that life is still good despite the scandal (which is totally believable considering he’s from South Florida).

Taking to social media Sunday, Valentine appeared to be closing out a workout when he shared a cryptic message while giving out nothing but positivity in the process.

“Hey, guys. Just letting you know, I’m alive, I’ve arrived and you gotta keep the flames stoked until next time,” said Valentine. “We can’t burn out, no, no, no, the fires of love will continue to burn, baby.”

“So thank you for all the memes, thank you for all the support, the kind words,” Valentine added.


If you’re not aware of what happened, Valentine was seen on a Paramount+ live feed Aug. 9 using the N-word while talking to fellow BB house guests Jared Fields, Cory Wurtenberger and Hisam Goueli. He was kicked out of the house by CBS and Big Brother producers after the fact.

I think it’s completely unfair what happened to Luke.

My whole thing is: Afterwards when Cory and Hisam left the room, Luke and Jared were talking about the situation and the use of the N-word in general, with Jared (the black guy and my favorite house guest alongside his mother Cirie) saying how it’s only white people who get uncomfortable over it.

I couldn’t find the video, but when the house guests were made aware of this whole thing by Cory, literally none of the black contestants cared — four women and one man. Like, I’m serious… literally none of them cared.

So when none of the black house guests cared and only white people got offended… why is Luke being kicked out? (RELATED: Contestant Kicked Off ‘Big Brother’ For Using Racial Slur)

I truly think CBS and Big Brother need to rethink this case.