‘Lock The Doors’: 50 Cent Blasts Los Angeles Over Flash Mob Robberies

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I wanna see this man in politics.

Legendary rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson III continues to hammer down on Los Angeles being “finished,” doing so again Sunday following a flash mob-style robbery of a Nordstrom store.

“I told you LA was finished,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram.

“They are gonna have to lock the doors, appointment only. SMH.”

50 Cent first slammed Los Angeles as “finished” back in July after the reinstatement of a zero bail policy.


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Over 50 people apparently ransacked a Canoga Park Nordstrom store in a looting spree, reportedly stealing more than $100,000 in merchandise.

Video of the crime scene shows a large group of thieves storming through the Nordstrom entrance and stripping clothes, bags and other kinds of merchandise before running out the shop.


Donald Trump should totally make 50 Cent his vice president — I’m dead serious. Could you imagine the glory?

“But he’s a rapper.” And Trump was a reality television superstar.

“But Trump is a businessman.” So is 50 Cent, look at the empire that he’s built.

Now that we got that out of the way (because I know I would’ve heard those arguments), it would actually be a great idea for Trump to bring 50 on as VP. Think about it … it would further boost up Trump’s “anti-establishment” image, further help him with the black vote in the general election against Joe Biden, and quite frankly, 50 Cent would be the coolest vice president of all time. (RELATED: Video Shows ‘Mob Of Criminals’ Ransacking Luxury Store In Broad Daylight)

And holy cow, could you imagine him trolling the left-wing press? Calling out Democrats and other lefty figures?

Trump/Jackson 2024 … I’m game.