Apocalyptic Scenes As Mudslides Rip Through Small Italian Town


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared Monday showed apocalyptic scenes of a small town in Italy near-flattened by a mudslide.

A major clean-up operation is underway in the Italian city of Bardonecchia, near Turin in the Val di Susa Alpine mountain valley, which was struck with a series of landslides and mudslides late Sunday night, according to ABC News. Footage from the area was shared by AccuWeather, revealing piles of destroyed vehicles, encased in thick, grey, mud.

It almost looks like someone poured a cruise ship’s worth of concrete into the city. Thankfully, no serious injuries or deaths were reported as of Tuesday morning, and all five people initially reported missing have been found safe and healthy, ABC continued. (RELATED: One Of The Most Extreme Ocean Events In History Is Happening Right Now)

The mudslides were caused by torrential flooding higher in the region, which forced 120 people to flee their homes, EuroNews reported. Six people were rescued from an overturned campervan that was washed away in the deluge, but it’s believed that no one was killed in the initial downpour.

Other parts of Europe, such as central and eastern Bohemia in the Czech Republic, were also hit with extreme storms and torrential rain, with dozens of fallen trees and flooded homes reported through the night of Aug. 14.