Drunk American Tourists Reportedly Spend The Night In The Eiffel Tower, Could Face Charges

Kiran Ridley/Getty Images

Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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Two drunken American tourists could face criminal charges after sleeping in the Eiffel Tower, according to BBC.

Local authorities reported that the two drunk tourists were found sleeping inside the monument on Monday after visiting the attraction the previous day, according to BBC. While visiting the Parisian landmark, the two allegedly jumped over security fences. They got stranded in an area not usually open to the public between the second and third floors. (RELATED: Chinese Tourists Caught Maiming Animals Just To Take Pictures With Them)

Paris prosecutors explained that the two men seemed “to have got stuck because of how drunk they were,” the outlet reported.

A unit of first responders specialized in rescue missions at dangerous heights brought the two tourists down. They were immediately taken to the Paris police station for further questioning.

The publicly-owned Eiffel Tower operator, Sete, said the men posed no threat but it would immediately file a criminal complaint against them.

The tower was evacuated Saturday due to two bomb threats made through posts from a gaming site, leading police to ivestigate.

Several American tourists were recorded attempting to begin a fight with a kangaroo at an Australian wildlife sanctuary on June 11.

Two American tourists were also stabbed earlier this year in La Perla, Puerto Rico, for filming the local neighborhood.