‘I Can Exercise My First Amendment Rights’: Sage Steele Leaves ESPN After Settling Lawsuit With Disney

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Congratulations, Sage!

After nearly two decades, Sage Steele announced Tuesday that she is leaving ESPN and the network’s Disney bosses.

Taking to X Twitter, Steele gave a “life update,” stating that the lawsuit between her and Mickey Mouse has been settled and that she’s made the decision to leave the four-letter network so she will be able to “exercise [her] first amendment rights more freely.”

“I am grateful for so many wonderful experiences over the past 16 years and am excited for my next chapter!” wrote Steele.

The superstar pundit claimed that ESPN breached her contract over the network’s reaction to comments she made in a Sept. 2021 podcast interview. Steele blasted Disney’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate and took a swipe at former President Barack Obama for identifying as black rather than biracial.

I’m so happy for Sage, and I hope she got that bag (and I’m sure she did) — she already has her freedom, as she stated.

It looks like everything is going to work out for her, and I’m sure she’s going to end up with a top-notch company, without a doubt. As far as ESPN, it just continues to crumble, which is truly sad considering how much it meant to us while growing up and watching sports. Sad stuff, and I just look at this as another crack in the building. Things are going to get much worse for ESPN — and Disney at that. You’ve already seen the layoffs, looking to sell their properties … (RELATED: Disney Continues To Collapse As Multiple Revenue Streams Spiral Down The Toilet)

Yeah, it’s getting bad. And here we go with another crack, just waiting for the ultimate collapse.