REPORT: Gunplay Accused Of Threatening Wife By Putting Rifle Against Her Chest

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Police reportedly arrested famous rapper Gunplay, the longtime associate of Rick Ross, after his wife Vonshae Taylor-Morales alleged he held a rifle to her chest and threatened her while she held their baby.

Police arrested Gunplay on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and child abuse, according to TMZ. Taylor-Morales reportedly said they had come back from dinner and Gunplay was “highly intoxicated and playing a game on his Xbox” very loudly. When she asked him to turn the volume down, he became upset and allegedly pointed an AK-47 at her while their 6-month-old daughter was in her hands, per TMZ.

Taylor-Morales said she attempted to get the famous rapper to quiet down, but he allegedly responded by threatening her, saying “I will blow your shit back,” TMZ noted.

At one point, Taylor-Morales said she feared for her daughter’s safety when Gunplay allegedly became violent and allegedly started hurling glass bottles and glass cups toward her, TMZ reported. She said she responded by covering her baby with a blanket to ensure she wasn’t injured by any of the flying glass.

Taylor-Morales claims she attempted to escape by exiting, but Gunplay allegedly blocked her attempt and allegedly proceeded to grab the baby by her head and neck, according to TMZ.

Taylor-Morales said she began screaming for help, which caused Gunplay to flee the apartment and also scream for help, per TMZ. She claims to have stashed the rifle in a luggage bag to protect herself from the possibility of it being used against her, and then she fled. (RELATED: Trey Songz Cops Plea Deal In Assault Case)

Officers said Gunplay denied the allegations against him, but they proceeded to arrest the rapper.

Gunplay reportedly has a history of violent behavior. He recently threw trash cans around in a fit of rage after being displeased by the fact that a DJ at his 44th birthday party included 50 Cent songs in his playlist, according to TMZ.

There is no word as to whether or not the rapper has been released on bail at this time.

This story continues to unfold.