Jesse Watters Says Framing Of Hunter Allegations As ‘Father Loving His Drug-Addicted Son’ Is ‘Psychological Warfare’


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Fox News host Jesse Watters took aim at first son Hunter Biden during his monologue on Monday’s edition of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

Watters took aim at Hunter over allegations related to foreign business dealings. He argued that Hunter and his father, President Joe Biden, have been shielded from scrutiny by a complicit media.

“The cat and mouse game’s gotta stop. The White House continues to exploit the cozy and corrupt relationship it has with the American media, as they both conspire to hide evidence from us,” Watters said. (RELATED: Three More Of Hunter Biden’s Attorneys Move To Withdraw From His Case)

Watters then cast doubt on the notion that President Joe Biden was not involved in his son’s business deals.

“Hunter Biden’s defense attorney insists Joe Biden was still just talking about the weather with Hunter’s business partners, and that Hunter was really a job creator.”

“Just like the Soviet propaganda was designed to force the population into submission by swallowing the most absurd, illogical lies, the weather defense serves the exact same purpose. If you can get the people to accept and repeat blatant falsehoods, you destroy their sense of justice and integrity. You don’t have to make them believe it. You just have to make them accept it,” Watters said.

Watters attacked the narrative that Hunter and Joe Biden’s relationship is one of a “father loving his drug-addicted son.” He pointed out the two have had alleged shared business goals, business trips, negotiations, shared bank accounts, and communications regarding foreign business dealings.

The Fox News host said that the attempt to downplay Hunter and Joe Biden’s alleged corruption is “psychological warfare, and you have a choice of whether you wanna be the victim.”