‘This Is Stomach Turning’: Megyn Kelly Slams Kim Kardashian


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Megyn Kelly laced into Kim Kardashian during a recent segment of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” slamming the star for being self-indulgent.

Kelly referenced a viral clip of Kardashian getting glammed up for a simple DMV photo and criticized her for being vain and hyper-focused on her appearance. She started off by clarifying her stance on Kardashian.

“It’s not personal. I don’t think she’s evil. I just hate what she represents,” Kelly said.

She then illustrated what she was referring to by playing the video of Kardashian using her glam squad to primp for a driver’s license photo.

Even after fussing over herself and engaging a team to help her look her best, Kardashian attempted to convince the DMV staff to edit her photograph and frame it the way she wanted. Kelly let loose on Kardashian’s constant focus on aesthetic beauty.

“That is stomach-turning,” Kelly said.

“She’s all about appearances. That’s the only thing that matters to her. That’s it,” Kelly added.

Kelly then took aim at Kardashian’s entire career and empire.

“Even her billion-dollar brand is all about sucking in your fat so you can look better,” Kelly said on the podcast.

“That’s her contribution to the world. I’m not saying it’s bad, but that’s where she’s making her money,” she said.


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Kelly fired off by calling Kardashian out for focusing more on what she looks like externally than what she’s about as a person and what she says. The way Kardashian uses her platform was a point of contention, which Kelly believes is a poor example for her young fans.(RELATED: ‘I’m Obsessed’: Kylie Jenner Reaches A New Level Of Self Indulgence Promotes A Bratz Doll Created In Her Likeness)

“Because when you listen for 20 seconds, you’re revolted at the banal emptiness that is the shell of that woman,” Kelly said.

Kelly tore apart Kardashian’s attempts at passing the bar and entering the legal realm by saying that was “a cover to make it seem like she was making an effort to be an intellectual, which she’s not and never will be.”

“She’s about vapid vanity,” Kelly declared. “I object on so many different levels.”