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Reshaping Digital Privacy: Sekur’s Solution to Cybersecurity Threats

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As the cyber landscape continues to evolve, Sekur Private Data Ltd. has risen to provide critical cybersecurity resources. A leading global cybersecurity and internet privacy service provider, Sekur’s data privacy solutions are easily understandable, confidential, and practical. The company has achieved great success in raising awareness and educating people about the importance of secure data management and the importance of data privacy in today’s digital world.

Led by CEO and Swiss native Alain Ghiai, Sekur’s headquarters are in Toronto, Canada with a subsidiary in New York, USA, while their sister company, responsible for hosting and managing data, operates in Geneva, Switzerland. Leveraging Switzerland’s strict data privacy laws and its own infrastructure, Sekur promises unmatched security and privacy, surpassing that of any other VPN, Email or Messenger.

For years, Sekur has offered users reliable data privacy services, including military-grade SekurMail, SekurMessenger, and SekurVPN. The company’s website and app provide comprehensive information about its efficient services and features. The company’s achievements have been recognized by The Silicon Review, declaring Sekur a Top 5 Company To Watch.

When building its trusted reputation, Sekur found educating its customer base on the dangers of cyber hacking to be an initial challenge. Previously, there was less mainstream knowledge of the pitfalls of open-source coding and data mining. But through comprehensive and digestible communication, Sekur succeeded in raising awareness and creating a clear demand for their solutions for both individuals and businesses.

Sekur is a cut above the rest as the only Swiss hosted proprietary infrastructure VPN, Email and Messenger commercially available service that doesn’t use any big tech hosting. Hosted in Switzerland, they have their own infrastructure and technology, guaranteeing ultimate privacy and no internet traffic or data mining. SekurMail stands out with its unique SekurSend/SekurReply solution, providing crucial protection against business email compromise (BEC) attacks. The convenient “chat-by-invite” feature in SekurMessenger allows Sekur users to communicate with non-Sekur users without requiring a subscription.

Significant growth and expansion are in Sekur’s future, with the company recently introducing SekurVPN and planning to launch Sekur Enterprise and SekurPRO in October. They also plan to have a larger international impact, expanding their reach in the USA first and then increasing their presence in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. Recently signing a deal with América Móvil, Sekur also has plans to gain more visibility in Latin America. Already seeing sales through its global contract, Sekur continues to progress. In 2024, Sekur will launch SekurVoice, an encrypted voice and call and video conferencing service, and SekurIdentity to expand its privacy communications platform. A Sekur browser could be in the company’s future as well.

Ultimately, Sekur is all about protecting the people and businesses, with privacy at the core of Sekur’s DNA. The independent company is always thinking of the most efficient and superior methods to provide the ultimate privacy for its users without data mining or monitoring user information, ensuring a user-friendly experience without asking for phone numbers during sign-up.

With secure communication tools like encrypted emails and messaging, Sekur caters to consumers, governments, and businesses worldwide, offering enhanced security and privacy for all. As data becomes more digitized and cybersecurity threats loom, Sekur remains a steadfast solution for reliability and security, with a fearless commitment to respecting and protecting privacy.

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