BBC Scrubs Pedophile’s Past As A Drag Queen From Reports On Sting Operation

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) scrubbed mention of a Welsh pedophile’s past as a drag queen from its reports on a sting operation that exposed the alleged child molester.

“Man caught in paedophile hunters’ sting operation,” BBC’s current headline reads. A snapshot of the webpage taken when the article was published on Thursday reveals that the outlet’s original headline read, “Ex-drag queen caught in paedophile hunters’ sting operation.” (RELATED: Alleged Mentor For 11-Year-Old ‘Drag Queen’ Sentenced For Nearly A Dozen Felony Child Abuse Crimes)

“Andrew Way, 61, of Clwyd Wen, Wrexham, admitted trying to engage in sexual communication with a child of 14 and had repeatedly breached a sexual harm prevention order,” the outlet reports. Other outlets give his name as Andrew James Bryant.

According to the article, Way was also working on organizing Welshpool’s first-ever gay pride event. The detail is not present in the most recent version of the article. Way has been under a sexual harm prevention order since 2007, Prosecutor Laura Knightly said, and had broken it by having unsupervised contact with a two-year-old without the child’s mother’s knowledge.

An update posted below the most recent version of the story appears to address the edits made to the piece.

“Update 25 August 2023: An earlier version of this story made reference to details not reported in court and has been updated accordingly,” the note reads. A 2019 North Wales Live story about Way’s appearance on a TV court show refers to his work as a drag queen performing under the name “Miss Gin.”

The BBC referred the Daily Caller to the article’s note when reached for comment.