OnlyFans Model Claims She Makes $350,000 Per Month


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A woman who runs an OnlyFans account went viral Monday after claiming she makes $350,000 per month from the site.

The video of a girl who goes by the handle “Tara’s Wrld” was originally posted on “Plan Bri Uncut,” a podcast somewhat similar to “Call Her Daddy.” Apparently, Tara is online famous, but I’ve never heard of her. She claimed to the podcast hosts she makes $350,000 per month on the platform after building her audience over a couple of years.

Barstool Sports shared a clip from the full episode, which subsequently went viral on Twitter following a repost from Isabella Riley Moody, the host of a different podcast. “Women are so lost today,” Moody captioned her post.

Responses to Moody’s Tweet were mixed. Some supported the girl in her work. Others prayed for her.

The saddest part? All of this drama and attention is apparently because the girl complained about spending $10,000 on Harry Styles concert tickets, an issue that has been milked for more than six months of online content, from what I can find online. And she’s apparently a homophobe for wanting to have sex with women for money. (RELATED: Carmen Electra Joins OnlyFans)

The homophobic thing is reportedly related to a woman she made out with and maybe had sex with, I honestly can’t tell from the way she explained it on the podcast. As she has a boyfriend, I guess the internet was annoyed she’d had sex with a woman for the sake of her account, saying she “fetishized” lesbians because she likes making out with them when she’s drunk but has never had sex with them.

This is the world we live in right now, everyone. Is it worth it?