‘Bullied Into Taking Positions’: Piers Morgan Blasts Schools, Companies For Catering To ‘Tiny Minority Of Activists’


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British political commentator Piers Morgan slammed schools and companies for engaging in gender ideology on Thursday’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle.”

Morgan told guest host Brian Kilmeade that Britain also has problems with gender ideology violating the rights of parents and girls, specifically. (RELATED: California Women’s Prison Housing Trans Prisoners Halts Condom Distribution Without Explanation, Memo Shows)

“I would ask where are the rights of girls and women in all this debate? Why are women being erased? Why is the word woman now an offensive term? When did we allow biological males to dominate women’s sport, and wreck in irrevocably, potentially? When did we allow young girls to be in some kind of locker room and have biological males walking in and derobing in front of them? When did we let this happen?” Morgan asked.

He then challenged women to speak up and defend themselves from gender ideologues seeking to violate their rights. He lamented that women are often called “transphobic” if they try to speak against transgender invasion of their spaces.

“Who is now protecting women? And I address this as much to other women as I do to you, or to men. We can say as much as we like about this, but so many women have been cowed into silence,” Morgan said.

Kilmeade also pointed out that teachers have been bullied by teacher’s unions to accept transgender ideology uncritically.

Morgan agreed that corporate America and corporate Britain are “being bullied into taking positions on this stuff.” Morgan says that these positions cater “to a tiny minority of activists.”