Fisherman Reels In Biggest Exotic Fish Ever Recorded In Connecticut

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Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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A Connecticut fisherman hit a new state record after catching an exotic fish just south of Montauk, New York, according to Connecticut Fish and Wildlife.

A man named Jonathan Rogers reeled in the 48-inch, 19-pound great barracuda, Connecticut Fish and Wildlife (CFW) announced in a Tuesday post on Facebook.

CFW called the catch a new state record in the exotic category and a first for the species. “Saltwater records and trophy fish may be caught outside of Connecticut but only qualify if the vessel’s home port is in Connecticut,” the post reads, so despite the fish being caught near Montauk, New York, Roger’s home port is in Connecticut, making the catch a record for that state. (RELATED: Pro Anglers Plead Guilty To Charges In Cheating Scandal That Rocked Fishing World)

“Even though barracuda are a large and impressive predator, they pose no risk to humans,” CFW said. Adult barracudas can exceed five feet long and can weigh more than 100 pounds, the department wrote.

The angler recognition program in Connecticut accounts for first catches, personal bests, trophy fish and state records.

Jarred Velardi won an award in the exotic marine species category in 2022. He caught a 47-inch long, 58-pound golden tilefish, according to an official award summary. Aaron Kolodziej also received an award in the same category when he reeled in a 75-inch long, 110-pound white marlin.

An 11-year-old Oklahoma boy had the catch of a lifetime July 19 when he reeled in a pacu — a cousin of the piranha that’s native to South America. Charlie Clinton caught the fish in a suburban pond in Oklahoma City

Charlie’s mother, Janna Clinton, said she thought her son was “just being dramatic” about the catch, but the two later realized the fish had “human-like teeth.”