Elevator At Famous Bali Resort Plunges Into Ravine After Cable Snaps, Killing Five

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Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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Five workers died Friday after an elevator cable at a well-known luxury resort in Indonesia snapped, causing the elevator to plummet all the way to the ground into a ravine, according to The Bali Sun.

The incident occurred at the Ayuterra Resort in the tourist region of Kedewatan, Ubud, according to The Bali Sun. Two men and three women between the ages of 19 and 24 had been in the elevator when it plunged roughly 300 feet.

“The steel swing rope was not strong enough to pull the weight upwards, which was quite heavy, and the safety wedge or brake did not function, so the elevator slid downwards at high speed … the accident could not be avoided.” Ubud Police Chief Made Uder reportedly explained to the outlet.


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The outdoor elevator at the resort is described as being a “unique and Instragrammable experience” to enjoy at the hotel. It is used to take guests and employees from the higher levels down to the ravine’s edge where there are facilities within the resort on the lower levels, according to The Bali Sun. (RELATED: Eight People Stuck Dangling Over Canyon In Cable Car Saved By Rescuers)

The five victims were identified as Sang Putu Bayu Adi Krisna, 19, I Wayan Aries Setiawan, 23, Ni Luh Supernigsih, 20, Kadek Hardiyanti, 23, and Kadek Yanti Pradewi, 19.

Uder noted an investigation surrounding the accident was ongoing and the incident would serve as a reminder for hotels and businesses in Bali to reexamine the safety protocols in place, per The Bali Sun.

Deputy Governor of Bali Cok Ace, who also serves as the Chair for the Bali Hotel and Restaurant Association, said this accident was the “first time this has happened.” Cok added that in November 2022, the elevator was inspected as being “fine.”

The owner of the Ayuterra Resort confirmed her company would be covering funeral expenses for the victims’ families, in addition to other compensation the families need, according to The Bali Sun.