Lee Officially Strengthens Into Hurricane, Predicted To Be Category 5 As It Storms Toward US

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Keep an eye on Lee! He’s gonna be a monster!

Tropical Storm Lee has officially become Hurricane Lee, doing so Wednesday afternoon in the Atlantic Ocean as the storm charges toward the United States, according to the National Hurricane Center. The system is “likely to intensify into an extremely dangerous major hurricane by early Saturday.”

However, it’s still unclear whether Lee will make landfall or go out to sea.

This is the fourth hurricane of the 2023 season. Currently, Lee is a Category 1 storm with wind speeds of 75 mph. NHC is projecting that the hurricane will get up to a Category 4, having winds around 150 mph by the end of the week.

However, AccuWeather is predicting that Hurricane Lee will become a Category 5, with the storm reaching winds of 157 mph. The outlet says that Lee “is forecast to intensify rapidly into a powerful Category 5 hurricane” by the weekend.

Here’s a video report on Hurricane Lee from NBC Miami, which is also saying that the storm could be a Category 5.

Though right now it’s looking like Hurricane Lee is going to miss the United States, this GFS ensemble from government meteorologist Eric Webb shows the storm actually moving southwest at one point beside the United States, which could end up resulting in Lee making American landfall after all — at least in the northeastern part of the country. (RELATED: Tropical Storm Lee Officially Forms In Atlantic, Expected To Become ‘Extremely Dangerous Hurricane’)

Florida and the rest of the southeast still appear to be at no threat, according to the model.

Like I’ve been saying all week … keep an eye on this thing, America. You know how unpredictable these things are.