Escaped Murderer Now Armed After Latest Sighting, Police Say

Screenshot/Public/YouTube — User: NBC 10 Philadelphia

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Residents in Pennsylvania have been asked to stay inside and lock their doors after the latest sighting of Danelo Cavalcante revealed that the escaped murderer is now armed with a weapon, police say.

In an early morning social media post, Pennsylvania State Police revealed they were pursuing Cavalcante in South Coventry Township, approximately 25 miles from the Chester County prison where he escaped Aug. 31. Police were alerted to the area after aerial surveillance captured a man believed to be Cavalcante. Further investigation of the area produced a pair of shoes discarded in a field believed to belong to the convict. Later that evening, a homeowner reportedly opened fire on a man who fit Cavalcante’s description.

The homeowner, who resides in East Nantmeal Township, told Fox 29 News he fired on the man, believed to be Cavalcante, seven times after he reportedly broke into his home and stole his .22 caliber rifle. While police did respond to a shooting in the area, they have not confirmed whether it involved Cavalcante or whether they believe the intruder was injured in the exchange. Police confirmed Tuesday that the fugitive is armed with a rifle he stole from a homeowner.

“Residents in the area are asked to lock all external doors and windows, secure vehicles, and remain indoors,” the alert from state police read, adding that Cavalcante was “armed.” Police further warned residents, “Do not approach.”

Cavalcante, who is in the US illegally and wanted for murder in Brazil, was convicted in the stabbing death of his former girlfriend Deborah Brandao in April 2021. Approximately one week after being sentenced to life, Cavalcante escaped from the Chester County prison, prompting a 13-day manhunt. Despite multiple sightings, however, authorities have, as yet, failed to bring Cavalcante back into custody. (RELATED: ‘Absolutely Looking For Support’: Police Have No Defined Search Area In Hunt For Murderer, Reward Raised To $25,000)