Lefties Are Pushing For The Jets To Sign Colin Kaepernick After The Aaron Rodgers Injury. We Need To Make This Happen

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I’m with the left on this one — just for completely different reasons.

After Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending (and potentially career-ending) torn Achilles injury against the Buffalo Bills on ‘Monday Night Football,’ the New York Jets’ quarterback situation is now in a state of chaos.

Following the Rodgers injury, Zach Wilson came in to replace him, but while the game (eventually won by the Jets, 22-16) was still going on, speculation started to swirl around the football world about who New York could potentially pick up to replace QB8. Or at the very least compete with Wilson.

Some of the names that came out of people’s mouths were Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz and Joe Flacco. But liberals had another idea: Colin Kaepernick.

Let’s start with The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill, the most ignorant of the idiotic bunch.

Columnist Wajahat Ali chimed in with his own support towards Kaepernick in response to Hill.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes answered a tweet from BroBible’s Dov Kleiman.

I say let’s go ahead and do it.

That way we can see Colin Kaepernick fold like origami and then end this stupid little “he can still play” debate once and for all, and in his contract, the NFL should install a ‘no kneeling, no whining’ clause for when he inevitably gets benched. You know that would happen if that anti-American scumbag came back into the league.

But after a contract gets done with that particular clause in it, we would be aces from there, because then the only thing left to do would be to just sit back and watch Kaepernick get thrashed every week until he does get benched. That’s the only problem though in regards to the entertainment value, you know it would be short-lived.

I could even picture a scenario where the Jets are just one quarter in with Kaepernick, and then he all of a sudden gets pulled like “aw shucks, see guys, see? We told you so.” (RELATED: Aaron Rodgers Out For Season After Suffering Torn Achilles In New York Jets Debut: REPORT)

And if this does happen, of course it would be the New York Jets to be the ones to sign Colin Kaepernick — yet more dysfunction that I speak of with this organization.

What a joke. But whatever, bring it on Kaepernick (and the Jets at that). We want the popcorn content.