Mika Brzezinski Visibly Stunned As David Ignatius Refuses To Name Biden Alternative

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski was left stunned Wednesday morning after The Washington Post’s David Ignatius refused to name an alternative to President Joe Biden amid his falling poll numbers.

Brzezinski mentioned Ignatius‘ new op-ed titled “President Biden Should Not Run Again In 2024” in which he argues that Biden has already lived up to his promise made during his inauguration speech to give it his best, but that it is now time to step down.

Ignatius argues Biden’s age would be a major concern for voters who also have concerns about Biden’s capability. He also warned Vice President Kamala Harris has “failed to gain traction.”

“So David, what are you really saying here? Because if you look at Biden’s track record and the fact that he has beaten Trump, I don’t know why you would question his ability to beat him again,” Brzezinski asked. “There are other presidents who are in later years … including [Trump]. Is this really about Kamala Harris?”

Ignatius says he admires Biden but says he has talked to people nationwide and the centerpiece of the conversation is that Biden should not run again.

“The heart of it is is whether Joe Biden is the best person to carry this legacy forward,” Ignatius said. “I’d be surprised if you and Joe and the people you talk to in private aren’t discussing it.” (RELATED: ‘Would You Give This Grandpa A High-Stress Job For Six More Years?’: CNN’s Van Jones Mocks Biden)

“I want to tap into your expertise though. You write a column that’s extremely I think, in a way it’s a very, very strong message for you, David Ignatius, to write this column. You have spent much of your career spending time writing about or writing with the greatest strategic thinkers of our time,” Brzezinski said. “On world affairs, on foreign policy, and when you look at what Joe Biden with done with NATO and the war in Ukraine and in terms of galvanizing, putting this country back on track to lead, who would be an alternative right now who could do that on day one?”

“I can’t name you that person–” Ignatius said, with Brzezinski’s mouth falling agape as Scarborough is seen lightly touching her arm as if to motion for her not to interrupt Ignatius.

“The thing about the democratic process is it yields answers to questions like that through this. I still believe that in open discussion, nominating campaigns produce clarity, produce leaders. I can’t agree more that Biden has been a strong leader in foreign policy and domestic policy. He has passed some of the most significant domestic social legislation in decades,” he continued before saying the ultimate question is whether Biden can stop Trump or a Republican “like Trump” from winning in 2024.

“He’s got to look in the mirror, search his soul and make that decision.”

A recent CNN poll found that 49% of Democrats are concerned about Biden’s age while 58% of all those polled blamed Biden’s policies for a worsened economy. A Wall Street Journal poll also showed similar sentiment, with Biden trailing Trump by 10 points in perceived mental fitness to hold office. Govs. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Gavin Newsom of California have been floated as potential alternatives, although neither has officially made any moves to run.