Democrat Embarrassed Herself By Live Streaming Sex Acts To Raise Money

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A Democratic candidate running for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates had sex with her husband in front of a live online audience to solicit tips for specific sex acts, per the Washington Post (WaPo). In short — she made porn with her hubby to make money. 

Susanna Gibson, who is a mother of two children, also reportedly hosted free sex chats with users online. She also had a behind-the-paywall private room to charge extra cash as well, according to WaPo.

Gibson claims exposing these videos is “an illegal invasion of her privacy designed to humiliate her and her family.” She claims reporting on these publicly available videos and images is akin to revenge porn

Honey, you’re doing porn for money online. It’s not illegal for people to point that out. You’ve done a good job of embarrassing yourself and your family all on your own. 

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