EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Allow Members Of Congress Into Executive Branch Office Buildings

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Missouri Republican Rep. Mark Alford and a group of House Republicans introduced legislation Thursday that would allow members of congress to enter the headquarters of certain government agency buildings during regular business hours.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the legislation, which is titled the Congressional Access to Bureaucratic Offices (CABO) Act. The bill would also allow members to be accompanied by their official staff and enter even during declared emergencies, such as COVID. Therefore, an agency cannot use COVID restrictions as an excuse to deny a member entry.

It is currently very rare for members of Congress to be granted access to executive branch office buildings.

“As members of Congress, one of our primary functions is to perform oversight over the Executive Branch. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, federal agencies have refused access to members of Congress. We have been thwarted at every turn. If they have nothing to hide, why will they not allow us in?,” Alford told the Caller before introducing the bill. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Republicans Demand AG Garland Explain Why Biden Doc Story Was Hidden Before Midterms)


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“It is time for that to change. We must ensure transparency and accountability at all levels of American government. In order for that to happen, Congress must have access to the agencies. The CABO Act will guarantee this happens.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Protect AM Radio)

Alford’s bill has 26 House co-sponsors.