RFK Jr. Publishes Letter To DNC, Family Members, Accusing Them Of ‘Hijacking’ 2024 Election, Censoring Opponents

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published an open letter to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Thursday, urging them to conduct a fair election in 2024.

The DNC and the Democratic Party have “gone off track” by “rulers” who’ve felt “the temptation to maintain social control by denying the people their sovereignty and their voice,” RFK Jr. wrote in the opening paragraphs.

“Unfortunately, in recent years our party leaders have succumbed to the siren of control,” he continued, seemingly pointing towards potential new rules that he says would render any votes for RFK Jr. and other 2024 Democratic candidates for presidents, directly to President Joe Biden. He went on to say the DNC has “hijacked the party” and allowed for widespread censorship of political opponents from within the party and Republican candidates. (RELATED: RFK Jr. And His Wife Went On Tim Dillon, And It’s A Must-Watch)

The letter goes on to paint a haunting picture of the America that future generations will inherit should the DNC disallow RFK Jr. and others to primary fairly against Biden. When children are taught about this time in future civics and history lessons, they will learn of Biden and the DNC’s legacy to completely ignore the will of the people, as they seek to maintain a power they may not deserve.

Any victory by Biden would be a “controlled victory,” RFK Jr. argued, citing the DNC’s “refusal” to allow anyone to even debate the sitting president.

RFK Jr. said the DNC and the Biden campaign have merged into a single unit. The DNC is not allowed to favor one candidate over another, he argued, but members of the committee have ensured this is the case. By not allowing voters the right to choose the Democratic candidate for president, the DNC has stopped the process of a fair election.

And, as actor James Van Der Beek said, the DNC’s decision to do so has ensured that if Biden is reelected, he will be a truly illegitimate president.

RFK Jr. concluded the letter by asking members of the party to be transparent, to come together to eradicate the pollution of the DNC, and to help restore faith of the people in the DNC and democracy itself. He asked all those involved, many of whom are his actual blood relatives, to “reflect, privately, and in consultation with your higher power, on what legacy you wish to leave.” (RELATED: RFK Jr. Names The Three Major Corporations He Thinks Control The World And How They’re Screwing Us)

Overall, the letter reads as if RFK Jr. has spent a huge amount of time with real Americans outside of the cities. He’s clearly listening to what real people want for our future, and none of it is close to the idiocracy pushed by the Biden administration. Our lives have become drastically worse, and downright scary, in the last three years, and we deserve better.

It doesn’t have to be RFK Jr., but the American people deserve the right to choose their candidates. And the only way that will happen is by demanding a fair primary.