RFK Jr. Claims DNC Created New Rules To Steal Votes From Other Candidates


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told the Forbes newsroom on Thursday that the Democratic National Committee is inventing new rules to ensure that any votes for other candidates default to President Joe Biden.

RFK Jr. made the statement during a conversation with Forbes’ assistant managing editor Diane Brady, and they’re incredibly damning of the DNC. Kennedy appears to describe as a highly-rigged process that would literally take away the voting rights of Democrat-aligned American citizens. (RELATED: ‘Do Your F*cking Job’: James Van Der Beek Goes On Absolutely Epic Rant Against DNC)

RFK Jr. claimed the new process would “make it almost impossible to have democracy function” and would rob Democratic voters of any choice of who becomes the 2024 nominee.

“They’ve made rules that if any candidate sets foot in the state of Iowa or sets foot in the state of New Hampshire, then none of the votes that are cast for that candidate will be tallied. In other words any delegate that I win in New Hampshire or Iowa would go instead to the president,” RFK Jr. said during the interview. “If you add up all the super-delegates that they control, and all of the automatic delegates that just go to the party, I would have to win almost 80 percent of all the states.” (RELATED: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Warns ‘One Giant Corporation’ Wants To Own 60% Of US Homes By 2030)

The rules may not come into full effect. If they do, we’ll find out on Sept. 14. It’s just so unclear why the DNC would be so obvious in their rigging of the 2024 presidential primary. Not even Democrats want Biden to run in 2024, citing his age, horrific economic policy and utterly empty professional record during his time in office … other than sending billions to Ukraine while essentially ignoring citizens suffering under natural disasters here at home.

Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire have slammed the DNC after new rules pushed back their first-in-the-nation nominating contests to give South Carolina the earliest date. Why would Biden want to do that? Here’s a clue: in 2020, he finished fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire but won South Carolina by nearly 30 points. Totally above board, guys. Real classy stuff.