‘I Edge To You’: GOP Presidential Candidate Deluged With Sexual Comments During TikTok Stream


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, looking for an edge over his competitors, joined TikTok this week and was inundated with a flood of sexual comments.

Thousands of sexually suggestive comments poured in to his first post on the Chinese-owned platform Wednesday.

“I edge to you,” and “Vivek I edge to you buddy” comments filled the pages of his four initial TikTok videos. Edging refers to a form of masturbation, according to Urban Dictionary.

One user commented on his most viewed post, a collab with superstar boxer Jake Paul. “Bro is not prepared for the comment section,” the user wrote.

But of course the most liked comment on the post, with over 7,700 likes at the time of publishing, said “Vivek I edge to you.”

The trolling was not limited just to Americans either. One user posted “Edging to vivek from Botswana 🇧🇼 ❤️.”

Ramaswamy recently joined TikTok in a public reversal. Previously calling it “digital fentanyl,” the former pharmaceutical entrepreneur changed his mind, saying it will be hard to win the presidency without talking to young people. (RELATED: Biden Admin To Negotiate With CCP-Linked TikTok — Despite Previous Threats To Ban It: REPORT)

Young people, for their part, don’t seem as thrilled with his entrance into the digital world. Many of the people commenting in earnest are critical of his remarks about raising the voting age.

“Vivek me and all my 200 friends were going to vote for you but you’re right about people under 25 not voting so we just won’t, thanks for your wisdom!” one user sarcastically posted. Another said, “Vivek I would vote for you but I’m under 25 so I’ll just edge to you.”

Other hilarious troll jobs include users begging him to hit the griddy, a popular dance, and one user asking for a shoutout for his dad “Drew Peebawls.”