REPORT: Kevin Costner Spent Summer Fighting With ‘Yellowstone’

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Yellowstone” lead actor Kevin Costner reportedly spent the summer fighting with the show over how it’ll end, and whether he’ll be suing.

Costner said he’s considering suing the “Yellowstone” team over the ending of the series, during court proceedings for his divorce in early September. While most of us are used to the dramatic back and forth between Costner and the show that reignited his career, Puck News reported Thursday that things are not quite as they seem.

Costner’s contract with “Yellowstone” apparently had a “moral death” clause, which ensures that his death from the series can’t come with shame or embarrassment, according to sources who spoke to the outlet. While some talent reps say this is extremely uncommon, I’ve heard of such clauses before.

While they’re not the most popular thing, and it’s difficult for studios et al., to sign off on such a contract deal, they do exist. So, at least we know that whatever ending “Yellowstone” has will paint Costner’s leading character of John Dutton in a positive light.

But will there be an ending if Costner sues? Well, Puck News reports that the threat of legal action is a farce. According to the outlet’s sources, Costner’s reps have been begging Sheridan and Paramount to have him back on the show. (RELATED: Here Are The Ways ‘Yellowstone’ Could End)

This makes me wonder … is Costner just delaying the restart of filming until after his divorce is final? Apparently, Costner has already been paid for the second half of season five, so what could he possibly sue for? Seasons six and seven, according to the report.

And it would be in his best financial interests to drag out the drama with Paramount and Sheridan until the divorce is finalized. Then, his estranged wife won’t be able to come after him for the cash (she has demanded a lot of his money, thus far).

Puck News was the source of several significant rumors about Costner’s previous tribulations with “Yellowstone,” which subsequently became reality, so let’s hope this one does too. It would be amazing to see at least the second half of season five come to fruition. But to have even more “Yellowstone” would be super cool. (RELATED: Could We See A Beth And Rip Spin-Off Amid Uncertainty About The Future Of ‘Yellowstone’?)

We already know a Matthew McConaughey sequel or spin-off is in the works, so perhaps Costner can pass on the baton with grace. And we can all move on without seeing the show head to the train station.