‘American Citizens On The Kill List’: Ukraine Spox Who Pledged Global War On Russia ‘Propagandists’ Spars With Vance


Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, junior sergeant and spokesperson for Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force (TDF), sparred with Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance on Monday after Vance sent a letter expressing concerns about the Ashton-Cirillo’s role and statements.

Vance wrote a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines Sunday requesting any information on Ashton-Cirillo and any potential ties with the U.S. government. Ashton-Cirillo, a man who identifies as a woman, has previously said that Russian soldiers are “not human” and that “Russian propagandists will be hunted” across the world. (RELATED: Russia’s Top Tennis Player Comes Out As Gay, Which Is Illegal In Russia)

Ashton-Cirillo posted a video response to Vance’s letter Monday morning. “I’m an American serving as a Ukrainian infantry soldier and combat medic who was brought from the zero line and assigned to the TDF’s media team in a dual role of spokesperson and Russian disinformation analyst,” he explained.

“The remaining speculation surrounding me is disappointing,” Ashton-Cirillo said. “While in Ukraine we are fighting for global liberty, and the ideology of victory, too many in Moscow and around he world are still caught up in focusing on the tired trope of gender chaos.”

Earlier Monday morning, Ashton-Cirillo posted a screenshot of a news article covering Vance’s letter, calling on the senator to back the delivery of ATACMS missiles, which would enable Ukraine to launch long-rage strikes on Russian and Russian-held territory.

Since the staff of @JDVance1 is keeping a close eye on my Twitter, I’d ask that the Senator kindly back the delivery of ATACMS to Ukraine, so we can end this war of Russian aggression as quickly as possible and make sure the next lost life is the last lost life of this genocide,” Ashton-Cirillo tweeted.

“Since I’ve got your attention, are you/Ukraine still planning to kill people who engage in speech you don’t like? And are there any American citizens on the kill list?” Vance posted in response.

The 46-year-old spokesperson answered that he did not call for the killings of journalists and accused Vance of spouting “Kremlin lies and propaganda.”

Ashton-Cirillo enlisted in the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a combat medic after coming to the country as a reporter soon after Russia’s invasion.