‘1944’ Series In The Works As Sequel To Taylor Sheridan’s ‘1923’: REPORT

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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It turns out “1923” creator Taylor Sheridan has something very different in mind for the second season of the hit western drama, according to a report published in September.

Instead of immediately following the story of “1923,” the next season of the hit-series will apparently be set in “1944,” according to TVGuide, and will be named as such. While most of us found out earlier in 2023 “1923” would be getting a second season — a surprise to fans of Sheridan’s limited series style — it turns out the “Yellowstone” prequels may be continuing as previously thought.

For those who haven’t seen the prequels, Sheridan, co-creator of “Yellowstone,” decided to go back and tell the origin story of the Dutton-Yellowstone Ranch. It all started in “1883,” with the Dutton’s violent and heartbreaking voyage from Texas to Montana, where they settled the land that became their ranch.

From here, we were brought forward to “1923,” where Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford led the Dutton family in the matriarch and patriarch roles of the ranch. Both series were significantly successful and arguably more loved than the original “Yellowstone.”

So, when “1923” star Brandon Sklenar casually told an interviewer there would be a second season of the show, we were all excited. The season left off with some major cliff-hangers, so a second slew of episodes made sense. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Predicts Horrific Death In Final Episodes)

But, it turns out Sklenar may have jinxed himself and his fellow castmates. Not only is the second season of “1923” delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing writer and actors strikes in Hollywood, but it sounds like it might not happen at all.

Instead, IMDB and TVGuide claim the next prequel season from Sheridan will be set in “1944,” more than 20 years after the events of “1923.” This means 99% of the characters in “1923” will need to either be recast or significantly aged-up, both of which would be a major bummer to fans wanting to know precisely how their stories end.