Famous Health Influencer Adriana Thyssen Dies At 49

Instagram/Screenshot/Public — Drikasstore

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Brazilian health influencer Adriana Thyssen reportedly died September 17 at her home in Uberlandia, Brazil, at the age of 49.

Thyssen lost 100 pounds in just over a year and shared her fitness and health secrets with fans on social media, according to The New York Post (NYP). Thyssen’s cousin, via Thyssen’s business’ Instagram page, confirmed Thyssen’s death in a statement Monday.

“It is with deep sadness and regret that we, the Drika Blog and Drika Store team and family announce the death of our dear Drika,” the post read.

“Good afternoon!! I’m her cousin from SP… unfortunately public people go through a lot of attacks and this has been happening for LONG years… she was strong, for a long, long time. She always looked for love and only received crumbs,” Thyssen’s cousin wrote in the comment section of the post.

Thyssen’s business is a plus-size sportswear company, Drika Store.

“Haters have done too much, so at this moment, I ask everyone for compassion, understanding and empathy,” Thyssen’s cousin continued.

She then issued a plea for consideration and prayers during this very difficult time for the family.

“Pray for her, so she can find her peace!!! And please respect each other. Thank you 🖤,” Thyssen’s cousin added.

Thyssen rose to fame when she shared her weight loss story online and began to attract followers. She reportedly struggled with weight loss since childhood and revealed that led to drug addiction and depression.

“I was digging a deeper and deeper hole in my life,” she said, according to The New York Post. Thyssen reportedly weighed over 220 pounds by the time she was 39-years-old. (RELATED: Famous Influencer VonViddy Dead By Suicide: REPORT)

She embraced a healthy diet and exercise routine and quickly began shedding weight.

Her social media posts were popular among her 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Thyssen’s cousin did not release her exact cause of death. Friends and fans are flocking to social media to share words of condolences as they learn about this tragic loss.