Salma Hayek Dishes The Dirt On Her New Christmas Movie With A Transgender Plotline

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Salma Hayek dished the dirt on her upcoming Spanish-language holiday film, “El Sabor de la Navidad,” in an interview published Tuesday.

The famous actress premiered her new film at the Toronto International Film Festival alongside business partner Jose Tamez on Sept. 13. During a recent interview, she shared the meaning behind the film, and how special the Christmas season is to her on a personal level. Hayek said the movie highlights traditional elements of Mexican culture, with a modern twist that is “very today,” according her interview with People.

“I wanted to make a Christmas movie that felt like a feel-good movie, but at the same time, I didn’t want to do the same stories that we have seen so many times,” Tamez said, per People.

The film is being described as a trio of dramas involving two best friends who work as Santa Clause impersonators during the holiday season, a very demanding chef who hires a new assistant and a man identifying as a woman who has come home for the holidays to reunite with his family after being gone for an extended time, according to People.

Hayek described the transgender tale as a universal one that represents the spirit of the holiday and the magic of loving connections. “It’s a good time to try to come back together,” she told the outlet. “This can apply to everyone.”

Hayek revealed she has a very special connection to the holiday season. “We love Christmas in my family,” she told People. “We love going to buy the decorations and the little treats and we make it original and special.”


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Hayek shared that in her home, the holiday celebrations stretch over several days. (RELATED: Salma Hayek Has Wardrobe Malfunction While Salsa Dancing)

“We do one Christmas with my Mexican family, and one Christmas with my French family,” she told People. “We’re in that kitchen three days before.”

Hayek also boasted of her skills in the kitchen. “I don’t have any recipes. I love to go look at the food and make up the recipe as we go. That’s my special thing,” she told the outlet.