Just One More Song: High School Band Director Tased And Arrested After Refusing To Stop The Music At Football Game

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Damn, people are idiots.

A band director for an Alabama high school was blasted with a taser and arrested by police after refusing to stop his band’s performance following a football game.

Police body camera video caught the Thursday incident following the football game between Minor and Jackson-Olin High School in Birmingham. The footage was released Monday by the police department.

Three Birmingham officers were shown asking Minor’s band director repeatedly to stop playing, however, he outright refused to do so. Things quickly escalated from there, with the band director being hit with a stun gun multiple times by one officer and then placed under arrest, according to the video.

Police allege that the band director threw a punch at an officer, however, the director denies the claim.

Things sparked up when officers were clearing out the stadium after the game was over, with both high school bands still performing, according to police. The officers asked each band director to stop playing so people would start leaving, with Jackson-Olin’s director complying. However, Minor’s director continued to perform, according to a police news release.

Beginning 18 minutes after the football game was over, the police’s body camera footage shows an officer walking up to people that were with Minor’s band.

“It’s time to go,” said the officer. “Y’all gotta go and come down.”

Then speaking with the director, the officer tells him that he’s “being disrespectful.”

“Get out of my face. Get out of my face. Get out my face,” repeats the director with his hands in the air.

And things just escalated from there.


What a moron, man.

The band director says it was the last song they were playing, I get that, but all the dude had to do was listen to police and he would be right back out there this Friday night, but nope.

He’s gotta escalate the situation to the point where he has a cop saying to him, “What you gonna do?” And then further escalates things by being a smart prick with his two thumbs up, telling the police it’s “cool” that he’s getting arrested and getting the kids all hyped up over the situation. And then he’s also got the nerve to resist arrest and allegedly swing at an officer after they already asked him nicely several times to leave? (RELATED: Several Brawls Break Out At High School Football Game Leading To Multiple Arrests, Police Say: REPORT)

And then he wonders why he got tased … as far as I’m concerned, the dude had it coming.

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