Taylor Swift Seen On Video With Travis Kelce’s Mom, Seemingly Confirming Rumors They’re Dating … And I’m Grossed Out

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They’re no Cory and America (Big Brother reference), but these two are pretty disgusting.

Over the last few weeks, rumors have been heavily circulating that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop superstar Taylor Swift are dating. And those rumors seemed to get confirmed Sunday — ew.

Prior to the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears, it was rumored that Swift was going to be in attendance to watch her new alleged boyfriend and the defending Super Bowl champions.

Well, that’s exactly what she did, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter was the first to report that Swift was actually at the game, and then that was confirmed even further when the video was posted by FOX Sports NFL of Swift hanging out with Kelce’s mom.


Swift was also spotted on camera going absolutely ballistic when Kelce scored a touchdown.

Ew, ew, ew, ew and EW!

Okay, me personally, I don’t have anything against Taylor Swift. She’s a good looking gal, she’s based to a degree going up against types like George Soros, she’s got a couple of bangers (here and here) that I like, I have nothing against Taylor.

But how on earth are you going to date somebody like Travis Kelce? (RELATED: Miami Dolphins Blowtorch For An Incredible 70 (SEVENTY!) Points Against Denver Broncos, Set All-Time Record For Yards)

The same meathead who Patrick Mahomes wouldn’t let speak at the White House out of embarrassment.

How are you gonna date somebody who is a complete sellout for Big Pharma?


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I’m just disgusted, man. Utterly disgusted.