Miami Dolphins Blowtorch For An Incredible 70 (SEVENTY!) Points Against Denver Broncos, Set All-Time Record For Yards

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I’m in dreamland as a Phins fan.

The Miami Dolphins put up an incredible 70 (SEVENTY!) points Sunday on the Denver Broncos, scoring the most points in a game by an NFL team since 1966 en route to a 70-20 victory over the Broncs.

Miami set a franchise record for scoring with the mark, and was just two points shy of breaking the NFL’s all-time regular season record — set in 1966 when the Washington Redskins tallied 72 points against the New York Giants, according to ESPN.

The Dolphins are the fourth team in the entire history of the league to score at least 70 points in either a regular season or playoff game, as well as the third team to score 10 touchdowns in a game, according to Miami Dolphins UK.

Tua Tagavailoa and the boys also broke the all-time single-game record for most offensive yards in a game with 726, with the prior record being held by the Los Angeles Rams with 722, according to journalist Geo Milian. That mark was set in 1951.

In other words, it was an absolutely historical day for my Miami Dolphins to place us at 3-0 on the season.


Man, it’s absolutely remarkable what’s going on for my Phins.

And it’s crazy too. We managed to put up 70 points, tally 726 yards total, average over 10 yards per play and didn’t allow a single turnover or sack WITHOUT Jaylen Waddle. And let’s also not forget that we’re a smooth undefeated 3-0 WITHOUT Jalen Ramsey on defense.

It’s clear as day, dawg…

Love that meme with Damian Lillard … see you in the 305 soon, king.

And since we’re on the subject of the Miami Heat, shoutout to Spo for showing up and supporting the Phins.

And speaking of coaches … COACH OF THE YEAR!!! MIKE MCDANIEL!!!

Which had to be wild for him growing up a Denver Broncos fan.

Man … this couldn’t have been more of a perfect day as a Miami Dolphins fan.

Earlier, I was crapping all over the New York Jets (our rival) for being their typical dysfunctional selves, then I got to swim in the glory of my Phins putting up 70 points and setting records (going 3-0 in the process), and now here I am writing a blog about it and getting paid for it. (RELATED: Jets Continue To Prove They’re Dysfunctional After Incompetent Grounds Crew Leaves Paint Footprints All Over End Zone)

Like I said, I truly am in dreamland. GO PHINS!!!