Pelosi Dismisses ‘Fake Distraction’ Biden Inquiry, Says ‘You Just Can’t Be Impeaching’ Over ‘Difference Of Opinion’


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Former Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dismissed the upcoming Biden impeachment inquiry on Monday’s episode of “Inside with Jen Psaki.”

MSNBC host and former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki said Republicans are attempting to “muddy the waters” to “make President Biden seem corrupt.” She asked Pelosi how Democrats can “push back” against the GOP’s attempt to make the allegations against President Joe Biden a political liability. (RELATED: ‘You Don’t Do That Much’: Nancy Pelosi Dodges Answering If Kamala Harris Is The ‘Best Running Mate’ 3 Times In 1 Minute)

“Well, the fact is they have no goods,” Pelosi said. “You know, they’ve been for months and months and months trying to make some some kind of a charge. I don’t think they’ll ever bring it to the floor. They won’t have the votes. Their members and districts that President Biden won — not that they’re so fond of President Biden, but these voters will say ‘that’s just not the right way to go.'”

Pelosi said that in 2007 she faced pressure to pursue an impeachment against former President George W. Bush.

“You know, everybody was on my case in 2007 when we got the majority, and they wanted us to impeach President Bush for the war in Iraq, the misrepresentations going in, departing from Afghanistan too soon, all of that. But if you have a difference of opinion, you just can’t be impeaching and impeaching. On the other hand, this is a fake distraction as you said. But they don’t even have the courage to bring it to the floor. I don’t think the speaker has to worry about that,” Pelosi said.

The House of Representatives will hold the first impeachment inquiry into Biden on Sept. 28. The inquiry will center on Biden’s alleged involvement with his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.