Group Of Transgender Activists Refuse To Talk About Their Protest While Protesting


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Man vs Street” host Joel Gibbons created and released possibly the best video ever for his channel Wednesday. It’s an absolute must-watch.

Gibbons attended a Billboard Chris and Mom’s For Liberty protest at Montgomery County public school in Maryland. A group of transgender counter-protesters showed up but refused to say anything.

“Why are you guys here? Come on. I told you guys why I was here — for money,” Gibbons explained to the silent protesters. “I’m being paid to be … so.”

The transgender squad were probably incapable of speaking to Gibbons since they were all wearing face masks. As all of us know, masks don’t do anything medically. But perhaps they’re actually useful at getting people with stupid ideas — like the sexual mutilation of children — to shut up.

Honestly, this video gave me so much hope. The fact people from these groups won’t speak to journalists shows precisely how useless they are. Hopefully this means they’ll back the heck off our children and … I don’t know, maybe get real jobs or do something useful for the planet. (RELATED: You’ll Scream While Watching Idiots Answer Questions About Whether Obesity Can Be Healthy)

Gibbons conceded the group likely wouldn’t speak to him because they heard he was from the Daily Caller. Still, they say all publicity is good publicity, so the organizer of this tragic protest is probably kicking themselves for not taking advantage of the situation.