Giant 400-Pound Stingray Caught In Long Island Sound

Screenshot/Connecticut Fish And Wildlife Facebook

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A survey crew from Connecticut Fish and Wildlife caught a 400-pound stingray Wednesday in Long Island Sound waters between New York and Connecticut, CBS News reported.

Officials said sightings of “roughtail” stingrays are “relatively rare” in Long Island Sound, especially “huge” ones like the five-foot wide and six-foot long fish landed last week, according to CBS.

“These gentle giants are found along the Atlantic coast from New England to Florida but are relatively rare in Long Island Sound,” Connecticut Fish and Wildlife said on Facebook. (RELATED: Locals Reel In 100-Pound Stingray)

Even though roughtail stingrays have venomous spines that could be deadly, officials said the fish “are not aggressive, and don’t frequent nearshore waters where people wade and swim.”

“Rather than attempt to roll the animal over, our crew quickly took some measurements and immediately returned the ray to the water to watch it swim away alive and well,” officials said. “Our Long Island Sound Trawl Survey crew never knows what they might see on a given day out on the Sound — yesterday was a stand-out example.”

Officials posted a picture on Facebook of the stingray laying belly-up on top of a large catch of fish, and users responded with surprise and awe.

“That thing looks lethal!” one visitor wrote. “Look at its tail. Watch out! I’m surprised it doesn’t just fly away.” Another quipped, “Omg that is so freakin kewl! Did it take you to meet Neptune, god the sea??!!”

“I started my career working with this crew!” replied another, adding, “Wish I could have seen this big guy!!!”

Connecticut Fish and Wildlife operates under the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). According to its website, DEEP “works to protect and preserve the natural resources and scenic beauty that make Connecticut a special place to live, work, or visit.”