Jonathan Turley Lays Out Major Problem For Letitia James In Trump Case, Says She Ignores ‘One Thing’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Fox News legal analyst and constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley laid out a major problem for Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil case against former President Donald Trump on Monday.

James sued Trump in Sept. 2022, accusing him of committed fraud to secure more favorable terms for loans. Judge Arthur Engoron ruled Tuesday that Trump and his businesses exaggerated his net worth and deceived banks and insurance companies.

“Professor Turley, can a judge find — because it’s a civil matter and there’s no jury — can Trump’s lawyers make the case successfully that [James] is a biased party in this? Because they’ve said for years that she ran on a campaign to get Donald Trump,” host Bill Hemmer asked.

“It is very hard to make that argument of bias,” Turley said. “I previously brought a selective prosecution motion against a prosecutor, and I must tell you, the judges just don’t like it. They don’t want to be pulled into these political issues … So I expect they’re gonna be given a rather short leash, if any leash at all, to make those types of arguments. We’re past that stage now. The court’s gonna be saying, ‘I’m here to determine what are the consequences of the of these actions. If you have a political argument to make, go back out onto the stairs of the courthouse.'” (RELATED: Watch The Look On Letitia James As She Stares Trump Down In Court)

“But I also want to note that James’ comments ignore one thing, in front of that courthouse,” Turley continued. “She ran for office on the pledge to bag Donald Trump. She didn’t say on what grounds. She ran to bag him on any grounds, and so she doesn’t have any more credibility in making these comments than did the Trump team, for people who view this as a very political environment. You know, many of us wrote at the time that we were deeply concerned about a candidate for attorney general that was essentially pledging a trophy defendant as the basis for running for office. And she delivered it … And so I think that she has also damaged her own credibility in that effort.”

Trump has described James’ case as a “Witch Hunt” and James herself as a “racist.”