‘Completely Flat-Chested’: Former Disney Star Says Mom Encouraged Her To Get Breast Implants As A Teenager

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Former Disney star Christy Carlson Romano said her mother, Sharon, encouraged her to get breast implants when she was just a teenager.

Romano candidly discussed her insecurities with body image and the challenges she faced in Hollywood prior to undergoing the breast enhancement surgery, during a recent episode of her “Vulnerable” podcast. She admitted to ultimately taking her mother’s advice when she was just 18 years old.

“I had actually had body image issues after ‘Cadet Kelly’ — big time,” Romano revealed.

“I had that very tight, rigid uniform on for Jennifer Stone,” Romano said, as she recalled feeling insecure and unhappy with her body image at the time.

The famous actress admitted she was made fun of online, and said she was all too aware of her flat chest after seeing memes of herself on social media.

In addition to that troubling experience, she also admitted to comparing herself to others, and was faced with a real struggle starring alongside Hilary Duff, who had a significantly larger breast size.

“And I remember seeing — and a lot of times it comes up in memes — where I’m standing face-to-face with [Hilary Duff] and I’m completely flat-chested,” Romano said. (RELATED: Sami Sheen Says Boob Job Is ‘Honestly Going To Save My Life’)

Romano spoke of her mother’s suggestion to go under the knife.

“My mom, she was like, ‘Christy, if you want to get breast implants, I just want to let you know that’s an option,'”

“What I will say is I did decide to go through with that,” she said.