Energy Companies Gaslight Customers Into Thinking Soaring Costs Are Due To Extreme Weather


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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For some stupid reason, energy companies and news outlets are telling customers their increased cost of living is due to extreme weather events throughout 2023. Why aren’t we holding them accountable for such obvious lies and exploitation?

Roughly 70% of Americans have noticed a significant change in their energy bills throughout 2023, according to data released by Bankrate. And apparently we’re supposed to blame “extreme weather” for energy companies’ choice to make us pay more, despite these events actually being fairly normal at this point.

Let me clarify: Extreme weather is a real thing (hurricanes, heatwaves, etc.), but their frequency is fairly regular. We’ve been dealing with hot summers and hurricane seasons since we settled this continent, so why are energy companies forcing increased costs onto us?

Some will argue the cost of fossil fuels has risen significantly since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Others claim “extreme weather” means power plants have to work harder, and those costs are then passed on to us. Neither of these is true. We’re paying extra energy costs because it makes the people who run these companies richer.

And as we all should know, almost every major energy company in the U.S. can trace some aspect of its leadership or ownership back to one of three global corporations.

I forecast back in 2022 that Americans would likely have to choose between eating and heating in the coming years. I just didn’t think it would happen this quickly. With only 40% of Americans having access to $1,000 for emergencies, hiking up energy costs is absolutely making this a reality come Christmas. (RELATED: Top Biden Officials Host ‘Investor Forum’ With Who’s-Who Of Billionaires From Blackrock To Google)

But one of the most disgusting aspects of this entire crisis are the news outlets who tell readers to put aside money every month to make up for the greed of these energy companies, like Tampa Bay’s 10 News just did.

Surely the answer here is to demand these companies stop lying to us about the real reason they’re taxing us into poverty. And then, just stop hiking up energy bills for no damn reason other than to enrich a few pointless individuals?