Disney CEO Bob Iger Reportedly ‘Overwhelmed And Exhausted’ As Mickey Mouse & Co. Continues To Crumble

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Disney is headed down the toilet, their CEO feels like crap and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Bob Iger, who is the CEO of Walt Disney Company, is reportedly “overwhelmed and exhausted” as the Mouse House continues to beautifully collapse, with activist investor Nelson Peltz further boosting his stake due to tanking stock prices.

Iger, who came back to lead Disney after handpicking a disaster in Bob Chapek to replace him, has been semi-jokingly asking his confidantes, “Why did I come back?” according to a report from Bloomberg News that cited info from Iger’s inner circle.

Peltz halted his proxy fight against Disney back in February after Iger slashed costs by $5.5 billion, including laying off 7,000 employees, but now has no confidence in the CEO to pilot the company back to glory, according to The Wall Street Journal.

And the whirlwind has Bob Iger completely stressed the hell out.

Man, it’s amazing to see how much Disney has crumbled.

Back in March 2021, Disney’s stock price was at a record high of over $191 per share, but as of Tuesday afternoon, it’s now at $85.14 — which is over a 50 percent dropoff. Mickey Mouse & Co. even hit a nine-year low last Wednesday, with the price dropping down to $78.32.

And what’s Bob Iger’s solution? Raising the prices of Disney+ and Hulu, looking to sell their television assets (including ESPN, which I would find absolutely fantastic). Yeah, doesn’t sound like a solution at all. It sounds like somebody giving into the collapse.

In other words, it sounds like somebody who’s “overwhelmed and exhausted.” (RELATED: Disney Blasted With Allegations Of Discrimination After Outright Horrendous Treatment Of Autistic Man)

God, I’m loving this … DOWN WITH DISNEY!