‘I DONT GIVE A F***, BRIAHNA!’: Robby Soave Comes Completely Unstuck Over ‘Terrorist Sympathizing’ Left Live On Air

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“Rising” web series host Robby Soave lashed out Thursday at his co-host, Briahna Joy Gray, over her criticism of the Israeli government.

The heated exchange on the show produced by The Hill started when Gray questioned the claim that the terror group Hamas uses Palestinian children as human shields. She suggested that supporters of Israel were running cover for the “indiscriminate” killing of Palestinian children by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Gray also said that the widely-circulated claim that Hamas decapitated Jewish babies turned out to not be true. (RELATED: Israeli Billionaire Pulls Out Of Harvard Roles Over School’s Delayed Response To Hamas Attack)

Gray said that the “embellishments” of the terror acts committed against Israel were “rooted in a desire to strip humanity from the people of Palestine.” Gray argued that the so-called “embellishments” were part of a greater effort to justify the effort to “flatten” Gaza — a strategy she claims is being urged by former Trump aide Max Miller and the Israeli government.

“Max Miller is an obscure Republican official, and it does not matter what he said,” Soave said during the show, visibly irked.

Gray pointed out that “every leftist in America was asked to apologize” for recent protests which justified or downplayed the terror attacks committed by Hamas and demonized the state of Israel.

“They should apologize!” Soave shouted angrily. “They should apologize for their endorsement of terrorist attacks on innocent Israeli civilians, just as I am outraged by the retaliatory actions that are killing innocent Palestinian children everywhere. I care about both of these things, and I’ve said I care about both of these things over and over again. It is you and the idiotic, leftist, terrorist sympathizing people who do not care about the dead Israelis.”

Gray seemed to be taken aback by Soave’s comments.

“So, I’m a terrorist sympathizer?” Gray interjected.

Soave added that left-wing groups such as Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialists of America chapters and Harvard student groups have all signaled support for the terror attacks against Israeli civilians.

“The left endorses what Hamas did,” Soave said.

Gray claimed the opinion reflected in the much-maligned letter co-signed by numerous Harvard student groups was similar to the editorial published in Hareetz which blamed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the Israel-Hamas war.

“I don’t give a fuck, Briahna!” Soave snapped.

Gray conceded Soave is entitled to his opinion but placed the blame for Israeli deaths on their “fascist, right wing government” that keeps “2.3 million” Palestinians contained in Gaza.

“The Israelis did get killed, because a terrorist group targeted them, and they bear responsibility for what they did,” Soave said.

Gray doubled down, arguing Israeli civilians agree the blame for the terror attack stems from “stripping the rights” of Palestinians and maintaining an “apartheid state on their border.”

Protests over the Israeli-Hamas war have rocked the nation for the past week. Progressive activists on college campuses have held demonstrations and made public statements which have minimized — and in some cases justified — the terror attacks committed by Hamas.