VIDEO: Bear Busts Into Home, Steals Lasagna From Freezer


Alexander Pease Contributor
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A bear broke into a Connecticut home Thursday and helped itself to a lasagna from the refrigerator.

The incident, captured by the homeowner’s Ring home surveillance camera, shows the bear reaching into the freezer, grabbing the classic Italian favorite and scurrying off the same way it got in — through the kitchen window, CT Insider reported.


The lasagna heist took place in Barkhamsted, Connecticut, the outlet noted.

Helena Houlis, the homeowner, received a notification from her Ring app while she was at work that seemed peculiar, as no one was supposed to be home at that time, per CT Insider.

The bear stayed in the home for around half an hour and left behind a “mess,” but did not do any serious damage, according to CNN affiliate WFSB.

Once the bear secured the dish, the home invader took it to go, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Video Shows Bear Stealing Gummy Bears From Gas Station, Leaving Without Paying)

The bear did have tags on it, which means that the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is keeping tabs on the curious creature, according to WFSB. (RELATED: Insane Videos Appear To Capture Bear Cannibalism In Progress)

So far in 2023, there have been a total of 34 reports of bear entries into Connecticut homes, the outlet noted.