Law Catches Up With Infamous Bear Burglar

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Authorities in California arrested a mama bear and her cubs, Friday.

California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife “safely immobilized” the mama black bear after she and her three cubs were found responsible for a series of break-ins and at least 21 counts of property damage dating back to early 2022, according to The Associated Press. The bear is known as 64F, and will be relocated to a sanctuary in Colorado because us humans are too pathetic to live in symbiosis with nature.

Her cubs have been removed from her custody, and placed in a rehabilitation facility in Sonoma, California, the outlet continued. The people (monsters) who made this happen think that they “can discontinue the negative behaviors they learned from the sow and can be returned to the wild,” according to the department.

DNA analysis revealed that 64F is one of three different bears responsible for more than 150 incidents throughout Northern California and Nevada. It was initially assumed that one bear, “Hank the Tank,” was behind the crimes. In early 2022, identified a suspect, a 500-pound male, and discussed euthanizing him, but DNA evidence later showed that the break-ins attributed to “Hank” were actually the work of at least three different bears.  (RELATED: Authorities Kill Bison Calf At Yellowstone National Park, Appear To Blame Tourist)

So let me get this straight. California’s lawmakers won’t allow police to arrest humans for breaking into people’s homes, attacking people, using drugs in public, selling drugs in public, living on the sidewalks, being naked and on drugs on the sidewalk or in kids parks and many other heinous offenses.

But the same lawmakers will allow California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to capture a mama bear and separate her from her cubs, arguably one of the most evil things a human can do to any animal. This is the world we live in folks, and it is upside down.