Joe Rogan Seems As Disgusted With This Video Of Young Americans As We Are

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Joe Rogan expressed what seemed to be exasperation during an episode of his podcast released Tuesday. And the Daily Caller is to blame for it. Kinda.

Rogan was speaking with comedian Brian Redban when the topic turned to a video they’d both seen online … a video that, once you see, you can’t unsee, as it’ll leave a scar of stupidity across your mind. The Daily Caller’s “Man vs Street” team made the video, where they asked young women in Washington, D.C., if they were okay with children getting tattoos.

Each of the young women responded “no.” But then, each of the women said “yes” when asked if they were fine with children taking puberty blockers and other types of medication that could destroy their reproductive and hormonal systems.


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You can still hear the screaming stupidity echo around Washington, D.C., to this day. Some call it “the dumbest moment in modern history.” And while Rogan might not have said much about the video, his face seemed to say it all.

“Bro,” was all he could bring himself to utter at the end. And we feel him in that “bro.” (RELATED: Gen Z Women Are Totally Against Kids Getting Tattoos, But Are Fine With Puberty Blockers)

“This is what Man vs Street is all about,” co-hosts Malik Lahrim and Joel Gibbons said following Rogan’s reaction. “We go out there asking questions for our YouTube channel that we hope extend beyond the online and into the stratosphere of the everyday American’s living room. If nobody addresses theses problems head on, then nothing will change. Thank you to Joe Rogan and others like him for spreading awareness on tough issues like this!” (RELATED: We Asked People If They Would Date An OnlyFans Model, And The Answers Are Outrageous)

“It’s good to know that Joe Rogan sees where real news starts — not with war correspondents on the ground in Israel or Peter Doocy questioning KJP, but with Man Vs. Street from Joel and Malik,” Daily Caller deputy editor Dylan Housman said.