Men’s Health Magazine Is Trying To Eradicate Women

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Men’s Health magazine writer Zachary Zane clearly forgot what a woman was during a particularly cringe article published in late September … and fair warning, it’s pretty graphic.

Zane, a self-professed “boyslut” who likes to sleep with lots of people and tell us all about it, forgot the word “woman” in a self-help column he wrote in September. The column was aimed at a man with a micropenis who is too scared to have sex because of said micropenis and because of the speed with which he reaches orgasm.

Throughout the article, Zane referred to women as “persons with a vulva” and “vulva owners.” I don’t know about y’all, but this is probably one of the most offensive terms ever used to describe my gender. And I don’t know who to blame for its existence.

Part of me wants to blame Zane, who sounds like he has zero respect for women in any way shape or form. Yes, his job is to support men. But you can support men’s health while still treating women with respect they deserve.

But part of me wonders whether Zane had any say in the use of this phraseology. I tried to contact Men’s Health to ask whether it was Zane or some other idiot who decided to disrespect women so poorly in print, but their automated phone line was as stupid as this article. I couldn’t leave a message, and no one ever bothered to answer. (RELATED: Virgin Atlantic’s Attitude Awards Becomes Latest Organization To Eradicate Women In Favor Of Men)

So let’s leave it at this: if you don’t know the word for a woman, how are you writing for a magazine called Men’s Health. If men exist (we know this because there is a magazine named after them), then surely women can too? Or is that too much logic for one progressively woke person to handle in 2023?

Maybe the magazine should be called “Penis Owners Health.”